The Lead Journey UX is Teamwork Between Sales and Marketing

Here is an informative blog survey that Drift, a company that helps marketers, collected. I have been on the side of the room where the sales team tells us how our leads are not converting and that is why clients are not pulling out their check books to write six-figure contracts right off the bat. This is a matter of displacing blame and responsibility. Marketing and sales teams have a responsibility to generate better quality leads together, and sales needs to remember that behind all leads are real people that have real challenges they seek solutions for.

Following up promptly with leads is critical to connecting with the right person at the right time! If the lead gets bounced from one department of the company to another, there are opportunities for gaps and disconnections that lead to client frustration – and no sale. More and more companies are integrating their inside sales teams into their marketing department to avoid this disconnect to create a seamless lead journey.

The lead journey experience is a subject that professionals don’t often talk about, and when it goes from a Marketing Qualified Lead to a Sales Qualified Lead. Companies need to close the gap and the corporate box-think to focus on the customer’s journey.

Large companies that are ongoing into their digital transformation have the most challenges, and more often, they will need to work with an external professional to learn how to love their web leads just as much as they love their inbound calls.

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