What Fahamu Pecou can teach marketers about branding and culture

Fahamu Pecou Marketing
I have just bought an art piece by internationally known artist Fahamu Pecou, Atlanta based, and I wanted to let this brilliant artist know what I am thinking of his art. I have written him an open note that I share at the end of this post. While writing this open letter, I realized that Fahamu also has few thing to teach marketers about branding and the weight of culture in the identity of their corporation.

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Marketing Tracking Cookies 101

Tracking cookies
‘Tracking cookies’ allow you to provide your customers and visitors, with an uninterrupted experience with your brand.
Tracking cookies are the centerpiece of most of the automation marketing technologies and website analytics. More and more companies implement them on their websites today to measure their audience, nurture their prospects and leads. Internet didn’t change the way people do business, they just moved it to a virtual place, providing marketers with a more robust way to collect information and personalize content.
To represent that with a non-technical reference, it is like a super techy bell that you would attach to your store’s door that would let you know when someone enters. It also displays unique information about previous intra-store behavior right on your smartwatch.

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Prepare Q4 and start measuring your Marketing performance

I am all about measuring Marketing performance; We are far from the time where it was enough to show nice pictures and repeat. Marketers are turning into Project Managers, and are taking more and more responsibilities in the prospect journey to ensure that people sail smoothly from awareness to active buyers. In this blog, I will go from the assumption that we all agree that websites are an absolute necessity in the communication tool.
For the new Digital Marketing Manager, engaging in this measuring journey is a question of life and death, when you cannot demonstrate the return on investment, budgets WILL be restricted. Q3 might have been too early for you to work on metrics, but don’t let Q4 pass by, otherwise it will slip until next year same time. To prevent that, here are 5 basic metrics you need to start measuring for Q4 2017 from 3 major business tools:

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Five Things Large Corporations Can Learn From Startups

I have been fortunate to work in the marketing departments of large companies and startups of different levels. Through that experience I have learned that company culture is critical to success! Being an employee of a company is like being a resident of a village. The bigger the village is, the larger the municipal budget and the greater power its leaders have; likewise, the bigger the corporation, the bigger its budget and the more power its CEO has. Yet increasing profit and power are not means of generating higher margins, and behind multiple layers of management is the end-user, the customer, trying to figure out if they should buy your product or a competitor’s. Customers want value, and often an experience. Does your product or service offer something your competitor does not? Continue reading “Five Things Large Corporations Can Learn From Startups”

The Lead Journey UX is Teamwork Between Sales and Marketing

Here is an informative blog survey that Drift, a company that helps marketers, collected. I have been on the side of the room where the sales team tells us how our leads are not converting and that is why clients are not pulling out their check books to write six-figure contracts right off the bat. This is a matter of displacing blame and responsibility. Marketing and sales teams have a responsibility to generate better quality leads together, and sales needs to remember that behind all leads are real people that have real challenges they seek solutions for.

Following up promptly with leads is critical to connecting with the right person at the right time! If the lead gets bounced from one department of the company to another, there are opportunities for gaps and disconnections that lead to client frustration – and no sale. More and more companies are integrating their inside sales teams into their marketing department to avoid this disconnect to create a seamless lead journey.

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Impressions are not Touchpoints

There are seemingly countless websites out there. Every minute, 571 new websites go live. Internet users going through websites very quickly, skimming content and then leaving in an average of 15 seconds. Think about your own web-surfing habits and you will probably agree. Web sites have less than 15 seconds to capture a user’s attention, to tell them they came to the right place to find what they were looking for and that they should linger for a while.
Good thing that Google, Twitter, Facebook and other popular sites have developed systems to communicate information on your brand even when your customer has left your website.
People learn about your product as much on your site as they do by browsing other websites. If you are running paid advertising, each time your ad appears on a user’s screen it conveys a message, leaving one more impression before their eyes that might underscore your product or service in their mind.

Tune Up Your Marketing Team

Not reaching and converting the numbers of people you want? Replacing your marketing team is not the answer. Tune that team up! When you want to reach and convert more people, empowering and training your team to know their limits and identify when to take the car to the mechanic is a good option, and way more cost efficient.

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3 Marketing Questions Every Small Business Owner Needs To Ask Himself

When it comes to running a business, marketing is the the umph that makes your product stand out in a world of commodities.

Understand that your target customer hasn’t been waiting for you to come to market to answer the problem you are hoping to solve. Whether you are selling a book, a service, or a product, you need to go to specific steps to communicate effectively to your target in a language they can understand. Also, let’s cut it to the chase, if you are living anywhere after 2017, there is a good chance that all businesses need a website and other forms of digital marketing. The good thing is that digital marketing is cheaper than brick and mortar, but it shouldn’t be free (unless you don’t believe in yourself).

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