Why was Prime Day 2018 a long marketing nap?

It is easy to picture the worst happening and to react by trying to prepare for those rocky times ahead. In most of the companies I have worked with, we’ve designed a crisis plan in case things were to  turn bad. This includes anything from a moment of bad publicity, to a rogue employee and anything else in between.

Large corporations have crisis plans that they can put in to action in hours (if not less) at any time of the day or night. However, most of these large businesses don’t really prepare for opportunities that are coming from the market. Continue reading “Why was Prime Day 2018 a long marketing nap?”

What Fahamu Pecou can teach marketers about branding and culture

Fahamu Pecou Marketing
I have just bought an art piece by internationally known artist Fahamu Pecou, Atlanta based, and I wanted to let this brilliant artist know what I am thinking of his art. I have written him an open note that I share at the end of this post. While writing this open letter, I realized that Fahamu also has few thing to teach marketers about branding and the weight of culture in the identity of their corporation.

Continue reading “What Fahamu Pecou can teach marketers about branding and culture”

Anatomy of $14.31 Billion Created in 24 Hours

As Cyber Monday and Black Friday are almost upon us, I wanted to look at a success story and identify key factors of success for this day. It may be too late to implement some tactics, but not too late to anticipate the next big buying rush coming to online stores from laptops, tablets, phones, TVs and Smartwatches very soon.

I am more of a B2B kind of  guy, but in today’s business even the most business-oriented corporations expect businesses to talk to them like B2C customers, especially as we are still in the awareness phase. When it comes to analyzing successes, it is better to start looking at what the big boys of Internet marketing are doing to set the bar high. Continue reading “Anatomy of $14.31 Billion Created in 24 Hours”