Generate Quality Touchpoints to Create Better Connections with Visitors

Generate touchpoints

Most B2B marketers agree that it takes between eight and ten touchpoints to generate interest with a potential prospect. A touchpoint happens when the product or service comes into contact with the potential customer. It is the place where the customer sees, hears, or interacts with what the company has to offer.

Super consumer

As I mentioned in the past, customers today are well-informed and know how to navigate through all the “blah blah blah” delivered by some brands. They have heard hundreds of thousandsĀ of ads from the milk box to the high-end car. They know all the keywords that make them cautious of an advertisement. Words like: unique, better than the competition, authentic. Those can be true in the advertiser’s mind, but they are counterproductive when crafting your touchpoints. Continue reading “Generate Quality Touchpoints to Create Better Connections with Visitors”

Christmas Gift! How to Analyze a Website for Busy C-levels

gift to C-Levels

I love tech, and I was born in this era, when it is easier to create and analyze a website in full HTML than building an outdoor shed (even if I can do both now). Allow me to share this short and easy guide to analyzing a website. Below, you can find a small list of things that I do when I check a website.
I am aware that the C-Level crowd may not be as familiar with the web, especially since technology changes every day. The logic behind a website is similar to any marketing media, the good thing (or bad depending on your perspective) with the web is that everything leaves a trace. It is not enough that a website looks good, it also needs to be accessible, clear, and trustworthy. Continue reading “Christmas Gift! How to Analyze a Website for Busy C-levels”