5 Money Management Tips When Financing Your Dreams to Reality

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It is good to be driven and to have dreams that you want to turn into reality. As human beings, we are limited in resources—time, health, and money. I know something about financing seemingly unattainable projects, because eight years ago, I decided to come live in the US permanently, to live my American dream, and so far, I am not disappointed. Continue reading “5 Money Management Tips When Financing Your Dreams to Reality”

The truth about your company’s digital journey

Companies are wrapping their head around the idea that they might need to adopt new technology solutions to support their growth. To improve the companies’ performance, marketing is the lowest hanging fruit, as they have been considered for a long time as an art and craft department. Jack Ma, Alibaba’s CEO, calls this transformation the “New Retail.” It can be applied to finance, travel, healthcare sectors and even services.

There are three phases that I consider when I analyze companies, and as a stakeholder, there are several opportunities to help them grow. Continue reading “The truth about your company’s digital journey”

The Good the Bad and the Ugly GDPR

The world of digital marketing is evolving, and consumer data is at the center of this evolution. It took about 20 years to create an enforceable internet regulation that protects customers. This comes at a high price for companies. The Propeller Insights, in March 2018, indicates that 36 percent of the 300 security executives surveyed will spend between $50,000 and $100,000 on European regulations preparations, and 24 percent will spend between $100,000 and $1 million. Only about 10 percent are expected to spend more than $1 million. There are several sides to the GDPR story that I will present here. You can find a definition about the General Data Protection Regulations here Continue reading “The Good the Bad and the Ugly GDPR”

Prepare Q4 and start measuring your Marketing performance

I am all about measuring Marketing performance; We are far from the time where it was enough to show nice pictures and repeat. Marketers are turning into Project Managers, and are taking more and more responsibilities in the prospect journey to ensure that people sail smoothly from awareness to active buyers. In this blog, I will go from the assumption that we all agree that websites are an absolute necessity in the communication tool.
For the new Digital Marketing Manager, engaging in this measuring journey is a question of life and death, when you cannot demonstrate the return on investment, budgets WILL be restricted. Q3 might have been too early for you to work on metrics, but don’t let Q4 pass by, otherwise it will slip until next year same time. To prevent that, here are 5 basic metrics you need to start measuring for Q4 2017 from 3 major business tools:

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Impressions are not Touchpoints

There are seemingly countless websites out there. Every minute, 571 new websites go live. Internet users going through websites very quickly, skimming content and then leaving in an average of 15 seconds. Think about your own web-surfing habits and you will probably agree. Web sites have less than 15 seconds to capture a user’s attention, to tell them they came to the right place to find what they were looking for and that they should linger for a while.
Good thing that Google, Twitter, Facebook and other popular sites have developed systems to communicate information on your brand even when your customer has left your website.
People learn about your product as much on your site as they do by browsing other websites. If you are running paid advertising, each time your ad appears on a user’s screen it conveys a message, leaving one more impression before their eyes that might underscore your product or service in their mind.

What Does it Mean to do Digital Marketing in 2017?

Digital marketing was born with the growth of Internet technologies around Y2K. This, in many ways, is still a new and developing way to connect technology and marketing. People are still learning what this means. When someone says that (s)he does digital marketing, it is not always clear what this means, as it represents different things to different people. My mom often tries to understand if my job is to be on Facebook all day. My friends think that I have the coolest job where people pay me to tweet stuff and like other people messages.

I build awesome buyer journeys.

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Two Words for 2016: Scientific Marketing

Measuring individuals’ feelings and perceptions can be complex, especially when they are not always clearly expressed by customers and prospects. Advocates of factoring feelings into marketing strategies state that “people don’t always know what they want anyways, that their emotions towards our products or brand cannot be put in a box, quantified or measured.” I also believe that people have complex emotions that are influenced by what they are currently doing, where they reside, the people they are with, and a thousand other factors. Continue reading “Two Words for 2016: Scientific Marketing”