The necessity to act on our vision

News Flash: I moved to Africa to lead the Fintech revolution at DreamOval and join the most important NGO geared toward the African cultural heritage: The Heritage and Cultural Society of Africa (HACSA).

I have worked on my vision for several years, I have accomplished a lot of my early goals, and even went further by creating a lovely family along the way, resettling in 2 foreign countries, and lived in 5. Now it is time to go further.

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I tried, I’ve learned & bounced back: Post Mortem Analysis of Shelterous, Inc

At the end of 2011, I started Shelterous, Inc. when I was still a student at the Harvard Extension School. Shelterous was an airline review website that allows travelers to give their feedback on previous flights to help future travelers book their next flight. It was a wonderful experience that helped me know myself more personally and professionally.
I drove Shelterous for 2 full years, until early 2014 before finding a “regular job” that brings consistent revenue for my newly growing family.

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Ask yourself the right questions when building end of year marketing dashboards

It is that time of the year again, late October, when B2B marketers take a hard look at the year to date and start figuring out the strategy, tactics and budget for the next year. Every year it is the same dance in B2B marketing. It is a little different in B2C, for them it is the beginning of prime time with the end of the year’s holidays: 11.11, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, Kwanza, Hanukkah, etc.

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Evolution of Messaging in the Customer Experience

While growing up, my mom told me that when we first engage in a discussion with someone that we just meet, we listen to the person introducing themselves, we pay attention to what they say, and their body language. Then, we talk using empathy and relate to the person in a meaningful and sincere way.

When it comes to messaging and technology, it’s the same thing, and most of the digital messaging tools have been created with the idea of enabling interaction with a large number of people. Continue reading “Evolution of Messaging in the Customer Experience”

The impact of technology mindset on marketing

I have worked with a lot of technical teams, and frequently I hear them say that they are specialized in a specific coding language, whether it is python, or Ruby, Java, or whatever is coming next. Tech teams work on the architecture of platforms that rely on these coding languages. Technology is often turned toward itself, and the goal is to build the best tech resource, be the best developer, and to geek about it.
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Why was Prime Day 2018 a long marketing nap?

It is easy to picture the worst happening and to react by trying to prepare for those rocky times ahead. In most of the companies I have worked with, we’ve designed a crisis plan in case things were to  turn bad. This includes anything from a moment of bad publicity, to a rogue employee and anything else in between.

Large corporations have crisis plans that they can put in to action in hours (if not less) at any time of the day or night. However, most of these large businesses don’t really prepare for opportunities that are coming from the market. Continue reading “Why was Prime Day 2018 a long marketing nap?”

5 Money Management Tips When Financing Your Dreams to Reality

when financing your dreams to reality-2
It is good to be driven and to have dreams that you want to turn into reality. As human beings, we are limited in resources—time, health, and money. I know something about financing seemingly unattainable projects, because eight years ago, I decided to come live in the US permanently, to live my American dream, and so far, I am not disappointed. Continue reading “5 Money Management Tips When Financing Your Dreams to Reality”