Most Outstanding CMO – Business Executive

I received an unexpected invitation to receive an award from a Ghanaian business magazine called: The Business Executive . I was completely surprised by it. I’m not sure how they discovered me, it could have been from a conversation with a random […]

Adapt to your unexpected environment

When I embarked on a journey to Ghana, my idea was to bring with me a secret formula, a foreign strategy that would revolutionize the local business landscape. Some foreign “obruni [white]” formula that would be automatically accepted like what […]

The African Opportunity in Numbers

Harnessing Africa’s latest greatest opportunity, the most underpenetrated and fastest growing payments market in the world, and which is expected to grow c.8x between 2018 and 2025. We are developing payment solutions from the heart of the most advanced – […]

Mental health for busy business people

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my wife and she shared something that raised a red flag in me. She told me that I needed therapy because I was speaking in a way that was making her […]

The JayZconomics School of Thought

Jayz might be the most underrated economic Professor, people listen to his music moving their heads and focusing on the nice beat. “Please don’t categorize [Jayz] as music” “No Hook”, American Gangster JayZ is definitely more than music, he has […]