Most Outstanding CMO – Business Executive

I received an unexpected invitation to receive an award from a Ghanaian business magazine called: The Business Executive . I was completely surprised by it. I’m not sure how they discovered me, it could have been from a conversation with a random person in the street, or someone who researched on the company growth and connected the dots, or perhaps someone nominated me, or other human circumstances.

According to them, my contributions have helped make Ghana and Africa a better place. I feel incredibly humbled because I believe there is still so much more I can do, and I am standing on giants’ shoulders.

This award recognizes my role as the most outstanding Chief Marketing Officer. This is a testament to the exceptional financial platform the DreamOval Ltd. team has developed: Kowri. In Ghana, there are approximately 18,000 companies with limited shares (66,200 sole proprietorships), and every single one of these businesses has someone responsible for marketing and/or sales. I’m truly honored that they recognized some of the work we have accomplished.

Being part of building companies in emerging countries has taught me resilience. One way to build resilience is to be forced to take a decisive decision with limited information.
For that, you first lay down your mission in life, then lay down your values, and you identify the real problem (remember: if there is a problem there is a solution; if there is no solution, there is no problem). Then you bring big ideas. Remember, imposible is your potential, then you drill it down to about 9 rough options. 3 for the short term, 3 for mid term and 3 for the long term. This sequencing acts as a framework. You gut-check your emotions, go for a run, pray and/or meditate, then sense check, and number check. Finally, you present the 3 best options to the team and highlight the most relevant.

Change is initially disruptive but eventually becomes the norm. Introducing a new product to the market means aligning its essence with the demands of the market and evoking emotions around something intangible. How does one convey love for an idea? By making it relatable to the widest audience and involving clients in the product. It’s similar to falling in love on a larger scale and going on a date with your target market.
I am filled with gratitude, humility, and excitement. This is just the beginning of the journey.
I must acknowledge my wife, kids, parents, siblings, extended family, the officers of the business, my board of directors, my marketing team, and my colleagues who also deserve recognition and appreciation for their foresight and guidance.

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