About me

I am a husband and father of 3 awesome boys. I specialize in business development, fintech, African expansion, Digital Transformation, and Marketing.

I also have cool diplomas from fancy universities (LinkedIn profile), but that matters not as I define myself not by the things on my wall, but on the ideas in my head. I am an executive in an hair-raising, exciting company that is impacting the way people consume in Africa, have an astonishing family and friends, and I currently live in the heart of bustling Accra, Ghana.

I feel that it is, as a marketer, critical to write and communicate what we think and feel to others. Blogging is to the writer as canvas is to the painter. I can use the this blog as a means of artistic expression—expression with purpose. There are different types of bloggers, just as there are different types of painters, and it is fine if everybody doesn’t like one’s ideas or style. The most important thing is to know what we like, why we like it, and how we like it. This blog is mostly about marketing and business, but it will slide at times to other subjects and concerns I have. The issues raised are subjective, and I always try to inject data in my educated assumptions and opinions. They obviously matter to me and my readers, otherwise they would be reading something else. I, of course, welcome and value your opinions on the matters I write about.

When I wrote my two first books – Hustling in America and Present: Prayer book for my son – I wrote them with the hope and desire that it touches the lives of my readers. My goals are not to change the way groups of people think, but to give them my perspective in a constructive, personable manner. I am not interested in fame or riches; I just want to talk to one person at the time and be a positive change in my sphere of influence. The goals I had when I wrote my books are the same as why I write this blog.

I am always available to debate the subjects discussed in this blog and share ideas with talented minds. Two minds are always better than one. Yes, my views on matters can change, caterpillars turn into butterflies and seeds turn into flowers. I am open to constructive criticism, and my ideas are not set in stone. I love to learn and become exposed to different ideas and new information. This helps me grow personally and professionally.

I hope you take the time to peruse this site and that you come to enjoy. May it, in some way, help you become the person you want to be. I am acting on the person I want to become. You should, too.