Today I became an American citizen.

In business and life, I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what is considered to be possible and go after my big dream that is composed of smaller dreams that I organize in a way that I can build on. I […]

The impact of technology mindset on marketing

I have worked with a lot of technical teams, and frequently I hear them say that they are specialized in a specific coding language, whether it is python, or Ruby, Java, or whatever is coming next. Tech teams work on […]

Why was Prime Day 2018 a long marketing nap?

It is easy to picture the worst happening and to react by trying to prepare for those rocky times ahead. In most of the companies I have worked with, we’ve designed a crisis plan in case things were to  turn […]

5 Digital Projections for June 2026

We are in one of those great historical periods that occur every 200 or 300 years when people don’t understand the world anymore, and the past is not sufficient to explain the future – Peter Drucker We live in a […]

J-1 avant RGPD

Le GDPR nous a tenu éveillé pendant plusieurs mois ici aux Etats Unis. Nous arrivons au bout, et il reste quelques éléments à boucler. Pour être honnête, c’est une bonne chose que les marketeurs doivent faire plus attention dans la manière dont […]

Tant de techniques marketing à partager

Il y a tant d’opportunités d’améliorer la performance des entreprises françaises graces aux nouvelles techniques avancées de marketing. Ces techniques, acquises aux Etats Unis, supportent la croissance organique et permettent d’être plus efficace face à la competition nationale et internationale. […]