Generate Quality Touchpoints to Create Better Connections with Visitors

Generate touchpoints

Most B2B marketers agree that it takes between eight and ten touchpoints to generate interest with a potential prospect. A touchpoint happens when the product or service comes into contact with the potential customer. It is the place where the customer sees, hears, or interacts with what the company has to offer.

Super consumer

As I mentioned in the past, customers today are well-informed and know how to navigate through all the “blah blah blah” delivered by some brands. They have heard hundreds of thousands of ads from the milk box to the high-end car. They know all the keywords that make them cautious of an advertisement. Words like: unique, better than the competition, authentic. Those can be true in the advertiser’s mind, but they are counterproductive when crafting your touchpoints. Continue reading “Generate Quality Touchpoints to Create Better Connections with Visitors”

What Does it Mean to do Digital Marketing in 2017?

Digital marketing was born with the growth of Internet technologies around Y2K. This, in many ways, is still a new and developing way to connect technology and marketing. People are still learning what this means. When someone says that (s)he does digital marketing, it is not always clear what this means, as it represents different things to different people. My mom often tries to understand if my job is to be on Facebook all day. My friends think that I have the coolest job where people pay me to tweet stuff and like other people messages.

I build awesome buyer journeys.

Continue reading “What Does it Mean to do Digital Marketing in 2017?”

Christmas Gift! How to Analyze a Website for Busy C-levels

gift to C-Levels

I love tech, and I was born in this era, when it is easier to create and analyze a website in full HTML than building an outdoor shed (even if I can do both now). Allow me to share this short and easy guide to analyzing a website. Below, you can find a small list of things that I do when I check a website.
I am aware that the C-Level crowd may not be as familiar with the web, especially since technology changes every day. The logic behind a website is similar to any marketing media, the good thing (or bad depending on your perspective) with the web is that everything leaves a trace. It is not enough that a website looks good, it also needs to be accessible, clear, and trustworthy. Continue reading “Christmas Gift! How to Analyze a Website for Busy C-levels”

Consumers: Pay Attention to These 5 Marketing Tricks

Consumer rights

This post is probably one that will bother some marketing professionals, but I believe that educated consumers lead companies to challenge themselves and push them to create better products that are more useful and relevant to their lives.

With this past election and Donald Trump’s big win, I have felt the need to go back to where marketing and psychology meet and understand how consumers make decisions. Continue reading “Consumers: Pay Attention to These 5 Marketing Tricks”

5 Reasons to Stop the Feud Between Marketing and Sales

In B2B, I often hear people talking about the relationship between marketing and sales. This is very disturbing, because the difference is most of the time presented in a type of conflict of resources and activity. When sales are down, sales teams speak negatively about marketing, and the opposite is true as well. Most of the discussions are attempts to dismiss responsibility.

To me, this is a “chicken or the egg” scenario. Both are necessary to any organization and both have an important responsibility to increase the company’s bottom line. However, in many organizations, top leaders can make the decision to cut marketing activity because it does not show direct, measurable revenue that can be attributed to marketing. Most of the time, sales teams are the final touch that closes the sale, except for B2C where e-commerce websites are usually managed by marketing. In the spirit of Socrates, “The only thing that I know is that I know nothing.” I think that it is fair to ask: what does marketing bring to the bottom line? Continue reading “5 Reasons to Stop the Feud Between Marketing and Sales”

Emailing: What Would Can-Spam Do? (WWC-SD)


As I am building my next mass-email campaign, I was wondering WWC-SD (What Would Can-Spam Do?).

Can-Spam establishes the standards in sending commercial emails. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforces these rules.

For most of us marketing professionals, considering Can-Spam in our email campaigns is like taking a kid to a candy store and telling him he can only look. We have the ability to buy lists of thousand of contacts across industries, but we are not supposed to use these for campaigns. Continue reading “Emailing: What Would Can-Spam Do? (WWC-SD)”

The Secret No One Tells You About: Demand and Lead Generation

demand generation

Demand generation and lead generation are often used interchangeably to represent the idea that someone may be interested in buying the fabulous product you are selling.

As I am reading the Patterson Principles of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer, I realize that these 2 things are different, and identifying what make them unique would allow each approach to generate better results individually.

My approach is always to try to do the best small task that I can and then move on to the next; for that, I identify small differences between concepts and apply a strategic approach accordingly.demand-generation Continue reading “The Secret No One Tells You About: Demand and Lead Generation”

Two Words for 2016: Scientific Marketing

Measuring individuals’ feelings and perceptions can be complex, especially when they are not always clearly expressed by customers and prospects. Advocates of factoring feelings into marketing strategies state that “people don’t always know what they want anyways, that their emotions towards our products or brand cannot be put in a box, quantified or measured.” I also believe that people have complex emotions that are influenced by what they are currently doing, where they reside, the people they are with, and a thousand other factors. Continue reading “Two Words for 2016: Scientific Marketing”

Why Do Millennials Love Marketing Speed (And Why You Should, Too!)

Most of the time, when I mention speed in marketing, someone will attach this trait to the fact that I’m of the “millennial” generation. When I say “speed”, I’m talking about the way technology, innovation, and the world itself is pushing each one of us to do better tomorrow than what we are doing today. A letter that used to take three days by mail now takes seconds. What happens in tech and innovation is also happening to marketing. Continue reading “Why Do Millennials Love Marketing Speed (And Why You Should, Too!)”

Anatomy of $14.31 Billion Created in 24 Hours

As Cyber Monday and Black Friday are almost upon us, I wanted to look at a success story and identify key factors of success for this day. It may be too late to implement some tactics, but not too late to anticipate the next big buying rush coming to online stores from laptops, tablets, phones, TVs and Smartwatches very soon.

I am more of a B2B kind of  guy, but in today’s business even the most business-oriented corporations expect businesses to talk to them like B2C customers, especially as we are still in the awareness phase. When it comes to analyzing successes, it is better to start looking at what the big boys of Internet marketing are doing to set the bar high. Continue reading “Anatomy of $14.31 Billion Created in 24 Hours”