Today I became an American citizen.

In business and life, I enjoy pushing the boundaries of what is considered to be possible and go after my big dream that is composed of smaller dreams that I organize in a way that I can build on.

I build on dreams, I build on faith.

When I came to the US to further my education at Harvard, after my French master’s degree at EDC, I wanted to accomplish this first dream. This one led to another, that led me to build a breathtakingly beautiful family with an authentic, smart and sweet wife passionate about health (CEO at Alkajuices) and 3 wonderful boys. I have attracted my dream in so many ways, and the exciting part is that it is just the beginning .

In 10 years in the US, I have started businesses, helped people start businesses, failed, won, stalled, cried, laughed out loud, managed successfully large-scale projects at Fortune 500 and high growth startups, and also sold cars at tiny dealerships.

Today, at my current and fulfilling challenge, I am working with the best people in the email technology and we are building solutions for large enterprises B2C companies. I move along my American dream every day. One step after the other.

I am happy to be a part of the large American story. I will soon work on the 2nd edition of the book I wrote back in 2013, Hustling in America, and give it for free on this website. Stay tuned.

#onlyinamerica #justthebeginning